Friday, July 24, 2015

Don't talk about a body that isn't yours.

This one has really been driving me crazy lately, especially in terms of post-partum bodies. Don't tell me what my body should look like. Don't tell me what a healthy body looks like. And for fuckity fuck's sake don't tell post-partum mom's who are having a hard enough time adapting to life after baby that there's something wrong with stretch marks, and extra belly fat. There isn't. Mom's are tigers who have gotten their stripes, and it's 100% up to them if they wanna jog back to the gym and try to look like they did before kids, or not.

While this goes for both men, and women. I do have to say I see it pointed at women a lot more. What makes you feel like it's your business to tell a woman what an "appealing" body is. As someone who's gone through a lot of shapes and sizes in my life I can testify that there are people who will find you attractive at any size. Some people like girl's with curves, other's like skinny minnies, or athletic bodies and a vast majority really don't care what body type you are as long as you share interests with them and are fun to hang out with.

So here's the deal, unless you're someone's Mom, or Spouse, or Child and are genuinely worried about someone you deeply care about's health and well being don't comment on what's going into their mouth or the size of jeans they happen to fit into. It's none of your business.

Especially, do not EVER use someone's weight to sell them products to make you money. If I have one more "itworks" representative message me and ask me if I want to get my pre-baby body back with their "magical wrap" I WILL punch them. 1. My post-baby body is FINE. 2. I've googled you and there is ZERO evidence to support that you can help me lose weight or detoxify me at all. Ripoff report has a lot to say about you too. ABC News even covered how much of a scam they are.

In conclusion if it isn't YOUR body, it's shape, size, or color is none of your goddamn business. So shut your trap.


Everyone should check out this Tumblr

Because, I repeat, all bodies are beautiful.

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