Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Maximizing your social networking potential

Ok, ladies, this one is mostly for you. Although men can be just as guilty of all the things I'm about to confront you about.

Social networking is power, and you're using it all wrong. If you put half the energy into your LinkedIn, or professional website, or even a relevant blog, that you do making sure your facebook profile picture is the best one of all the selfies you took today you'd almost definitely be further in life.


  1. Sign up. Please. Do me this tiny favor. Even if you're working as a barista or a cashier. Make a profile. It's so easy. 
  2. Fill in the information. This is really simple but can be time consuming. Put as much details on your profile as you can, including work experience, education, relevant associations, hobbies etc. HR people and recruiters use LinkedIn for candidate searching and they do it by key words. Make sure you put buzz words and lots of industry jargon on there. The location is very important as well, as recruiters look for potential candidates close to the client’s site first. Even if you are missing info, some is better than none, and don't be afraid of your background. THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE LOOKING FOR YOU.
  3. Upload a photo. You obviously have good photos of yourself. I've seen your facebook's you have thousands of them. Pick on that you aren't wearing a birthday crown, or downing a drink in up there. Something that's mostly of your face and looks moderately professional.
  4. Connect. Whore yourself out. You do it on instagram, and facebook and a million other sites that don't help you get anywhere with your career. Add your old boss. Your mom. That kid you did that project with that one time. Find people you know and add them. 
  5. Get involved in groups and discussions. There has GOT to be something you care enough about to join the group on LinkedIn. Save the Whales, or Gaming, Professional Makeup... something.
  6. Ask for recommendations. That business owner your dad knows who you helped with his iPhone last summer... he's probably on LinkedIn. See if he'll recommend you.
  7. Stay active. If you login to LinkedIn half as much as you login to Facebook I promise someone will notice you.
  8. Share relevant information. For this you have to have some kind of idea as to what you'd like to accomplish on LinkedIn whether it be professional networking or a chance at a new career. Find an article or study relevant to the field you want to move forward in and share it on LinkedIn.
Some other accounts I suggest making:

  • Indeed
  • Glass door
  • Monster
  • A blog such as this
  • If you are already active in the professional world I highly recommend a 2nd Twitter and Facebook that you wouldn't mind being friends with your boss or clients on.
  • A professional website won't kill you and whether it be for now or in the future GoDaddy currently has 99 cent domains so snatch one of those up.

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