Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Subscription Boxes

So I compiled a list of subscription boxes I want to try. Some I tried. Some I'm waiting on, and some I decided weren't for me.

Conscious box is one I would LIKE to try. It's a bunch of products from "brands who care".
Hand-picked healthy, socially conscious and natural home, food and beauty items delivered monthly! Discover a beautiful life inspired by brands who make a difference. It's 19.99 a month and I'm not sure how much I would USE the products but it's definitely something I'm considering. I think it may be a Christmas gift for one of the people in my life.

I DID subscribe to gamergirlmonthly and so far I LOVE it. I got a yoshi keychain, portal earrings,
pokemon bracelet and zelda necklace in my first box. It's only $13 a month and so far I enjoy it a lot. I think this is a great one for any nerdy girl in your life. The jewelry is cheap but definitely worthwhile. In the end. I cancelled this particular box because it only shipped USPS and they manage to deliver my mail to the wrong address or not get it to me on time pretty much every time. The box gets a 4/5. Most of the items were things I was into and of decent quality but the shipping really killed it's value.

Club W is one that I am definitely planning on subscribing to. They send you wines based on your taste profile so basically as soon as I'm off my diet I am ALL ABOUT THAT.

I just ordered Lootcrate  which was on my list to try, but the new "level up" system threw me off a bit. When our Geekfuel subscriptions ended after 6 months I decided to give it a try and got my husband their standard box, and myself the Firefly Cargo Crate. The subscription boxes look awesome but the price to add a shirt to the mix seemed silly to me. They seem to have changed things around now and you typically get a shirt. The standard box is only 13.95 and includes atleast $45 worth of "loot". The level up option now offers 4 different choices depending on the types of accessories you're interested in adding. They also offer a lot of other specialty boxes including gaming, pets, star wars etc. I haven't gotten my first box yet but when I do you can check out my review in my Nerdy Boxes Blogpost. If you'd like to try it out please use my referral code.

For my anniversary I subscribed to Blue Apron and it was the best decision ever. ALL the meals have been amazing and it gets my husband and I to cook together. We did the family plan twice a week and for 69.95 it's less than it would cost me to buy the ingredients to make these meals in the grocery store. After a few months we did cancel. Mostly because we stopped shopping at Aldi's but overall this is a great option for most families. This box gets a 4.5/5

Citrus Lane caught my attention but I don't plan on trying it. None of the toys were anything my kids would like. If the toys appeal to you 29.95 a month isn't too horrible of a price to have something you and your littles can get excited for each month.

I tried graze last year and I actually enjoyed all of the snacks they sent me. For 11.99 a month the pricing seems fair enough and its something I'm considering re-ordering. Overall the box gets a 3.5/5

Taste Trunk was a hahahahah no. They're boxes start at $99 a month and offer you gourmet food to try.

Tinker Crate is one I'm considering for my son and husband to do together each month. For 19.95 a month they send you all the parts for a project.

I really wanted to try Hello Fresh. My friends had said great things and many of the meals looked good but they didn't offer my diet. Major bummer. It's $69 a week for 3 meals for 2 people.

I'm currently subscribed to Geek Fuel and our first box was a major success. I loved the t-shirt and Doctor who ice cube tray, plus the bob's burger's comic book, array of pins, nail wraps, and poster. The steam code was a definite bonus. I paid like $130 upfront for 6 months and so far I'm a FAN. If you decided you'd like to try out Geek Fuel please use my referral code. For a deeper review check out my upcoming "nerd boxes" blog post. I'd give it a 5/5. We only cancelled because we wanted to try something else, and may very well be back.

I want the comic block from Nerd Block SO bad. I'm gonna start dropping hints to hubby so hopefully I can lock it in for XMas this year. It's only 13.99 a month and includes 3 comics, a comic collective, plus a t-shirt. Unbeatable! All their other boxes look equally awesome. I think this definitely needs to be our next one. My husband could do Arcade or Classic and I could do the Comic one. SO MUCH EXCITE. I finally subscribed to this on 2/24/16 so look for more details on my upcoming "nerd boxes" blog post. If you decide you want to grab this one, also please use my referral code.

The Book Drop offers 4 different subscriptions based on the types of books you'd like to read and costs $16/ month. The idea is really cool, however I can probably purchase my own book that I know I'll enjoy and haven't previously read for under $16/month. Still really cool for someone too busy to go to the bookstore or who is trying to get their kid/teenager into reading.

Pley allows you to rent unlimited Legos. Which is beyond amazing, because my son goes through legos like it's his job. The only down side would be trying to return all the pieces when he's done. Probably wouldn't work for us until there's no toddlers in the house. Pley also donates a toy to underprivileged child for every new member which is AMAZING, but one major downfall is that they didn't list their pricing anywhere on their site. I would've had to sign up for a free trial to see the options. Not a fan of that mumbo-jumbo.

Book Free allows you to rent books. You can do 2 books a month for 8.99, 6 for 21.99 or unlimited starting at 15.99 (to have 2 books out a time) Now I know the library does this for FREE, but this company ships the books both ways free of charge and gives you recommendations of what to read next. If I didn't go to the library for my kids ANYWAYS I would definitely be into this.

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