Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Charitable donations as gifts. (Don't read this if you don't want to know what you're getting for Christmas/Birthday)

On my mom's birthday I went to Whales.org and adopted her an Orca. Sometimes if I'm feeling like a baller, I buy her the stuffed whale too.

For Christmas I'm planning to send her and my father a joint present from The Heifer Project: an animal donated to a family in need.

For my Dad's birthday he'll be getting a donation in his name to The African Wildlife Foundation. I usually send the donation directly to protect elephants.

For my Mother in Law's birthday I made a donation to The National Math and Science Institute.

This year, in memory of my Uncle Luther I plan on making a donation to the Association on American Indian Affairs.

I make a donation in memory of my Grandma Atwood to the Daughter's of the American Revolution.

For my Aunt Tracy for Christmas I plan on donating to the Center for Developmental Services

The above, is mostly a list for my own reminder so I can easily find these links again come giving season. But for those of you who are considering charitable giving check out Charity Navigator. Their website helps you figure out how much of what you donate is going to those in need and how much is being eaten up by Executive Expenses. Please don't donate to Goodwill, The Kid's Wish Network, The Cancer Fund of America, or anyone else on this list. There's good advice here on how to steer clear of scams.

If you have the time I highly recommend giving volunteer hours in the name of someone who can't. Let's change the way our community treats holidays, and say no to consumerism.

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