Saturday, October 3, 2015

Highlights: Day 1 of Orlando iX

Grabbles was definitely my favorite game of the day. I haven't played a casual multiplayer that's that much fun in ages. It's one of those games you can totally stink at and still have a great time while playing. It's being produced by Noble Whale Studios. I didn't play any of the single player levels but they look like challenging levels with a puzzle feel. They've already been greenlit by Steam. You can watch some game play here but it definitely doesn't do the game justice.

Sttartup is a cool new crate box offering that sends you 2 startup t-shirts each month for $39. I couldn't find much trace of them on the web, but I'll update you as I get more info. If I weren't already knee deep in recurring monthly charges I would totally subscribe to this. (That and my t-shirt drawers are overflowing)

Deadwood is another game I'm really excited to see launch. The graphics look awesome and the premise is something I could see myself getting into. It's an action/adventure game turn tower defense after dark. It's the first action/adventure of it's kind I've seen with this survival twist. Also greenlit on steam

Honorable mention goes to CatFish. While it's not something I could see myself playing for hours on end I respect it's original concept. It's definitely a viable game I'd buy for my kids or husband. They've been greenlit as well.

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