Monday, October 5, 2015

Highlights: Day 2 Orlando iX

Indie Box is a unique new subscription service (that of course my husband and I had to try out). They send you a new indie game, plus a bunch of extras each month for $17.99-$25 depending on whether or not you have a coupon code and how frequently you'd like to be billed. We ended up buying an already released box Apotheon AND subscribing because well, it's that good. Apotheon is a 2D action game based on Greek Mythology. I personally cannot wait to play. Don't worry I'll share my un-boxing with you a little later.

Tacopacalypse by Cherry Pie Games recently got Kickstarted and is just a few votes away from Steam Greenlight. I highly recommend that you go vote for them. I mean have I ever steered you wrong before? This game is an extremely fun multi-player taco delivery game set in the apocalypse. It has 0 respect for the laws of gravity and that's part of what makes it so cool. It's another one of the games my husband and I are chomping at the bit to get access to, and they've obviously got our vote on Steam.

Gamer's Hive is a ridiculously cool social networking site for gamer's where you can go to set up matches with others who play your games and otherwise just network with people you have something in common with. The UI needs some polishing but I can really see this idea taking off. You can see MY profile here. Add me, and we can play something together.

Stack'r by Outhouse Games is a mobile game available on android or ios. It is extremely simple... you stack blocks, but I found it to be an addictive time waster for those moments when you just need some mindless fun. 

Famous Afterdeath makes sweeeet art. I've got 2 pieces hanging on my wall. He doesn't sell his art online, you'd have to catch him at a show for that but he DOES sell his t-shirts at teepublic. I HIGHLY recommend checking him out. I'll definitely be buying from him again. He also let me know that there's a Clermont Comic Con which I never in a million years would have guessed at. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram

Honorable mention goes to Sun Sentinels because my husband won't stop talking about this Tower Defense game,

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