Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holiday Project Update (with photos)

We did a variety of charity/philanthropy projects to celebrate the holiday season. We went gleaning:

John and Hayden "gleaning" oranges for the local food banks.

The whole Nuviva crew getting ready to go gleaning

We put together THIRTY bags for the loca homeless population.

Dropping off 2 carts of bags full of goodies at OURM for their homeless population.

And we cleaned out our closets following Christmas to make room for what we had been given, we have to others. We'll be dropping off these boxes at OURM today.

This is what the holiday season means to me. It means sharing what we have with others. But also it means time spent with family. We did that too:

We got to see most of the cool holiday stuff at Disney.

So from my family to yours, happy holidays.

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