Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Holiday Wish List

So I am super late getting to this this year. Mostly because I just keep telling people I don't want anything. However if you insist on buying me presents, or if you know someone similar to me and are at a loss as to what they might want, here ya go.

This epic Fallout ugly sweater

You can do literally anything on this list to help end homelessness, and I will extremely grateful.

You could get me this sweet yoga kit

This Doctor Who Ornament is supah sweet

I wouldn't hate this bakeware set or this cookware set

And I would love this dish set that matches.

Literally any and all comics are appreciated but any of the walking dead compendiums would be amazing. 

I would love a heated throw so I can stop freezing at work.

Or alternatively a heated massage insert for my chair 

A Doctor Who water bottle (anything Doctor Who really but this one's practical)
You can also always check my Amazon or Etsy wishlists. 

Above all my family appreciates time spent, and charity done for the Holidays. So, come visit us, pay for us to do something fun together, or join in on one of our charity projects. That's what we all really want.

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