Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to turn cube organizers into bench seats

So, when I bought my house I immediately hated the kitchen and we're going to be doing a lot of renovating in there over the next few months. There's a TON of space but most of it is wasted. So I thought I'd share my first real kitchen project with you all. I made my 3 cube organizers that I'd been using as an entertainment center into bench seats for an eat in kitchen.

What you'll need

  • Cube Organizers. Walmart has cheap ones (that happen to be the ones I was working with)
  • Measuring tape
  • Paint to match your kitchen theme
  • Upholstery fabric, I chose a vinyl from a local shop that I got for a steal. They're closing down their upholstery section so everything was on clearance. 
  • Foam. I got mine from Walmart but ideally you probably want high density foam from Jo-Anns, but my local Jo-Anns had such sub par service I could NOT give them my money, and their prices were crazy.
  • Either thick cardboard or thin plywood
  • Staples and a staple gun
  • Upholstery glue
  • Carpet tape
You should be ready to start your project
  1. Measure twice cut once. Measure everything. How tall, how long, how wide etc. Start with your cube storage.
  2. Make a diagram, seriously this will help you out if you want to shop around for fabric and plywood. 
  3. Cut your plywood or thick cardboard to the top of your cube storage. 
  4. Cut a piece of 1-2 inch foam to fit on top of the plywood or cardboard. 
  5. I suggest gluing it to the plywood but it's not truly necessary. 
  6. Measure and cut your fabric to give you about an extra inch of fabric underneath the foam. You want to wrap your fabric around the foam and plywood and leave an inch underneath to staple on. 
  7. Set your upholstery fabric with light gluing underneath the plywood, and let that dry. 
  8. Staple the fabric to the plywood every 3-4 inches around the entire perimeter.
  9. Add carpet tape around the inside of the fabric to prevent slipping (you can also use velcro on both the plywood and the cube storage)
  10. Place the cushion on your bench and voila! You have a bench seat. 
Pictures are coming soon. I have to upload from my phone and it's being a little odd right now. 

I also did a similar project with my hope chest and I'll outline that in a future blogpost.

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