Thursday, March 3, 2016

Megan's Essential Guide to Hilarious YouTube Videos

Ok so I realize a lot of these are old, so bare with me, because I am old. But these are the YouTube videos that in my humble opinion you CANNOT miss.

Llamas with Hats

All you young whipper snappers are lucky. You have all 12 here, when I became a fan there were only 3, and then 4... then I wasn't paying attention and suddenly a few months ago I was browsing the internet and BAM 12 complete episodes. An entire series. They can be better if you give em some time in between so don't feel pressured to watch it all at once. 1-4 are arguably the best ones

OLD GREGG Old Gregg is arguably the most essential YouTube video of all time... but I cannot for the life of me find the full version anywhere. So here are a few "essential clips"

OH MY GOSH I FOUND A BETTER VERSION... From the DailyMotion but you will just have to accept it. Love Games. Baileys.

My New Haircut


The end of the world


Ok guys, so what are your favorite videos. What did I miss? Use the handy comment field to let me know.


  1. Classic stuff Megan! I've spent hours trawling YT for funny vids or any vids for that matter. As has every human being with internet access ;)


  2. It is true. We've all gotten lost in the vortex a time or 2