Friday, March 18, 2016

Nerd Boxes, The Good The Bad and The Ugly (From My Personal Experience)

In this review I plan to go over what I consider to be "the big three" nerd/geek boxes. Lootcrate, Nerd Block and GeekFuel.

The first box I ever subscribed to was GeekFuel and to be honest, my husband and I both loved it. GeekFuel offers a "monthly mystery box of geeky goodness". They advertise a $50 value in every box. While this is the retail value of the products that ship like with any mystery box what the products are worth to you may vary. Every box ships with a t-shirt. If you bill monthly the box is $17.90 and costs an additional $6 in shipping. Making for a recurring payment of $23.90/mo. Below are a few of the GeekFuel boxes I received.

The pillow case pictured here has an "It's a nap" quote on it. Not gonna lie one of my favorite items to come in a GeelFuel Box.

This was the last GeekFuel box my husband and I received as part of our 6 month subscription and it made it REALLY hard to leave GeekFuel. I loooooove Firefly so the Jayne hat was amazing, and I'm also a huge Deadpool fan. So the keychain and shirt were big hits as well.

Another GeekFuel I received. I friggen LOVED my pac man salt and pepper shakers, Fallout poster and Star Wars shirt were also key. Oh, and my official vault tec badge. This was a solid box for me.

So I'm a huge fan of useable geek items. The Star Labs mug pictured here was a hit with me and I also really loved this time travel shirt, but with the exception of those 2 items this particular box wasn't super exciting for me. 

This was the first box we ever received from GeekFuel and let me tell you I was STOKED on those ice cube trays. I literally did a happy dance, and I loved the T-Shirt as well. 

Overall I have to say GeekFuel always had atleast 2 items in each crate that I would have gone and bought in a retail location. Which means for me I about broke even on what I would have spent shopping for these items. I'll add that GeekFuel usually ships with a steam code for an indie game and for some computer gamers that is a HUGE plus. I tend to game more on my consoles personally so it wasn't a big selling point for me. Overall I would definitely suggest GeekFuel to my friends, especially if they're big PC gamers.

My husband received his first LootCrate this month. I actually sent in an email to request the February "dead" box because I missed the cutoff by a day or two and they honored my request which is a HUGE plus for me. The T-Shirt is amazing. We got a walking dead character (ours was Daryl) and so overall we were super happy with the box. I personally also subscribed to the Firefly Cargo Crate but haven't received the first one yet, but I will definitely update once it arrives.

I'm glad LootCrate is offering some variety in their crates now. They offer an anime crate, firefly cargo, are launching a star wars crate soon, and offer both a standard and leveled up general crate. They also have a lootcrate specifically for gamers and one for pets.

The Standard LootCrate boasts $45 worth of loot in each crate and is $13.95 plus $6 shipping, so you pay $19.95/mo. They do now include a t-shirt in each crate which is awesome. They do offer a level up option but personally I wouldn't do it. It's costly although you do have the option to add and remove it month by month if you see they're offering something you want. 

NerdBlock has the choices we all crave!! Seriously if you want to go through one company to get boxes for the whole family NerdBlock is the way to go. My first "block" was the comic block and it came with 3 comics plus a rad t-shirt. ABSOLUTELY worth the $19.99/mo especially if you factor in that they are GUARANTEEING you atleast a $60 value. If you love comics this is definitely a must have.

Pictured here is the "stuff and things" that came in both my Sci-Fi NerdBlock and my classic NerdBlock, minus the t-shirts. Which were both pretty cool.

NerdBlock offers Classic, Arcade, Sci-Fi, Horrow, and Comic Blocks, all for $19.99/mo and they all include t-shirts. They also offer a Jr option for both boys and girls at $13.99. If you check RetailMeNot there are almost always coupon codes. I used the code SUBBOX for 10% off, but check the site because they're always changing.

Overall I loved literally every subscription service I tried, but in terms of value, and overall selection I really think that NerdBlock  is the "winner". LootCrate is a close second and unfortunately although I loved every box I received GeekFuel ranks last. They're the most expensive and only offer one option. Any one of these crates is a good option and if you're a PC gamer like I stated earlier GeekFuel is the way to go. But if you're just a collector looking to have something added to your collection each month without having to go to the store or surf the web, NerdBlock or LootCrate are better options. If you have the extra cash I suggest giving them all a try, and please click on my referral links found in this blogpost. It will get you a credit and me a credit. That's a WIN-WIN.

So what's your opinion? Which block/crates/boxes have you tried? What's your favorite? Do you have a favorite item you received? Am I on point or off base? Let me know in the comments.

And if you have a subscription service you want me to try/review send an email to with details and I'll try to help you out.

Happy Friday!


  1. This is a great post highlighting the differences between the 3 main geeky subscription box services! We haven't tried any of them out yet because we want them ALL and can't decide which one to choose. NerdBlock seems to be which one we are leaning towards but then we can't decide which one to go w/ since everyone wants different ones lol. If I had the money, I would seriously subscribe to every one of them. :p Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Seriously tempted by LootCrate I must admit!!

  3. If you subscribe for 3 months or more they all have discounts, and there's usually coupons online for all of them. You get $3-$5 off if you use my referral link and it can be combined with coupon codes. I wish I could subscribe to them all at once, but we'd probably run out of space eventually.