Sunday, April 10, 2016

Easy DIY Wooden Planters

I made these with the same wooden crates that I made my kids holiday boxes with. I picked them up at Walmart for $10 a piece. I then used some of the paint samples we had leftover from picking colors to paint our house. I lined each crate with weed mat, but I also considered using a potting nest type netting. 

You will need:
A wooden crate for each type of plant you plan on planting.
A staple gun (or nail gun)
Potting soil
Weed matting

Step 1:
Cut your weed mat to fit the wooden crate.

Step 2:
Staple the weed mat to the inside of your wooden crate.

Step 3:
Paint the outside of the crate (preferably with outdoor paint)

Step 4:
Let dry

Step 5:
Fill the planters with potting soil and plant your favorite seeds.

Photos of my process below:

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