Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Libertarian Candidates in Florida

Obviously as I've stated in previous blog posts Paul Stanton is running for Senate here in Florida. He's running on a platform that "Freedom is for Everyone". From my personal interview with him I can say that he's focused on decriminalizing drugs, and creating a system of rehabilitation rather than ruining lives with our current legal system. He's heavily focused on lowering and limiting taxes, blocking unfair bills in Congress, and strongly believes in a system which does NOT use force. He is a computer programmer, veteran and Libertarian activist. I'll be voting for him, and am proud to endorse him.

Rob Lapham is running for U.S. House in the 2nd Congressional District. To be clear his district is down by Tallahassee and Panama City, so I can't vote for him. But if you live anywhere on this map I think you should!
Rob promises 15 things on his campaign website: To never expand big government, downsize the military, shut down the TSA/NSA/mass surveillance and end the drug war are amongst them.

Ken Willey is running for State House in District 18. He doesn't have a campaign page, but you can follow him on Facebook to learn more about his platform. District 18 is over by Palm Beach to be clear, so if you're in that area. He's a Libertarian you can vote for.

Artie Lurie is running for State House in District 90. He claims to be a vote for Liberty and Small Government. He's for tax reform and responsible gun ownership. He's been a member of the Libertarian Party since 1996 and has been living in Florida since '94.

James Morris is running for Bay County Commissioner in District 2. He wants personal and economic liberty and has a plan for securing it. He's lived in Bay County since 1974

Other Libertarians running for office in FL:

Hillsborough County Water District 4
Monroe County State's Attorney
Sebastian City Council
Palm Beach Soil and Water Board Conservation District Group 4
Palm Beach Soil and Water Board Conservation District Group 2

I encourage you to research those running in your county. If they aren't "Libertarian" I highly recommend reaching out to them for interviews to see if perhaps they lean towards liberty but have caught in the bi-partisan net.

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