Monday, February 29, 2016

A continuation on my post about nationalism and humanism

I was raised by devoutly Christian parents. Parents who, in everything they did, showed me how they believed Jesus would want them to live, by emulating him every chance they got. If someone, or something needed a home, that meant we were getting a new family member. Whether it be a 3-legged dog, or cat that no one else wanted, a pain in the ass horse caught in barbed wire on the side of the road, a sick puppy who no one else was going to rescue from the pound, my friends running from bad situations at home, special needs and disabled people who's families needed respite or later in my life any of my many poorly thought out boyfriends/girlfriends who had no where else to go. They taught me, in the easiest way to teach a child anything, by acting: That when someone is hungry, you feed them. When someone is naked, you clothe them. When someone is homeless, you shelter them.

While I do not believe for a moment that you have to be a Christian to have these values. I think it is a slap in the face to the religion you pretend to represent when you refuse to acknowledge what Jesus himself would do in a situation.

I'm not a Christian, but I am extremely proud to be the daughter of 2 of the best Christians I know. It is because of their life lessons that I strive to take care of those that need care, regardless of how different from me they may be. It is because of them, that every time I see someone call for us to "blow away the middle east", "shut down our borders", "turn away refugees", "kill all the Muslims", etc etc ad nauseum, it breaks my heart.

Arguably, I put the lives of my children above anything else in this world, because as a mother that is how I was genetically programmed. I know, that there are billions of other mothers on this planet who feel the same way about their children. I cannot imagine the pain of being turned away from a safe harbor with hungry, frightened and tired children in your arms or by your side. I cannot imagine feeling the winter set in, and knowing, that if something does not change soon you will watch them freeze to death. I can not imagine, the loathing, self-doubt, and horror that is running through these mother's veins as they wonder, "will anyone help us" "did we do the right thing by running" "what if we had stayed" "will we ever be safe" "will my children ever be free from nightmares" "will the bombs follow us wherever we go" "will I ever have somewhere to call home".

I don't care what religion they are, or what country they are from. There are terrified children out there who have been running for their lives only to be stopped at a fence, or a wall, or a checkpoint and told "No. Your life is not valuable enough to save. For the sins of your nation, and your religious zealots you will have to die here."

I don't understand how you can want to do anything other than pick those children up and carry them home. I blame you mom and dad. It's your fault I'm not an asshole.

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