Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How do the major food delivery services rank?

So, in my area (Greater Orlando) there are 3 major restaurant delivery services GrubHub, Doorstep Delivery and OrderUp. If you're considering using any of these to order I figured I'd share my experiences with you.

Doorstep Delivery: These guys were the first company I used to order food delivery. I do like them, but their delivery prices are pretty expensive. Usually $3.99 & Up. The wait times are average for the industry, around an hour for each restaurant. The one thing I love about them is that, atleast for my area, they have a very large selection.

GrubHub: These guys have the lowest delivery fees typically. One company for example: Giovanni's is $1.50 to deliver thru GrubHub but $3.99 to deliver thru Doorstep. The selection, and times are comparable to Doorstep.

OrderUp: Right now, they're the least palatable option in Orlando. Their delivery fees are comparable with Doorstep, and delivery time is on par for industry average but for my workplace they only have 3 restaurants delivering. That's pretty limited compared to the pages of options I get with the other 2 delivery services. However, some areas in the Orlando area have GREAT options, so definitely check them out.

Overall: GrubHub is my personal favorite. I love ordering from Zona Fresca thru them, and have had great luck with their delivery drivers. Plus they allow me to tip using my card.

Happy Eats!

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