Monday, November 14, 2016

One Tree Hill Couples Ranked ( a work in progress )

1.) Haley and Nathan
Obviously, who else would ever rank number 1? Naley teaches us that love really can last forever. Despite the trials and tribulations of their relationship they always stay true to one another, and in doing so they achieve their dreams.

2.) Lucas and Peyton
I shipped them from episode 1. So... obviously up there on my list. They may have taken the long way around to their "happy ending" but I for one am happy they ended up together. 

3.) Lucas and Brooke
Even though they didn't end up together they were still an amazing couple. 

4.) Brooke and Julian 
Everybody needs somebody to save them sometimes. Even the almighty Brooke Davis. These two were a definite power couple. 

5.) Peyton and Julian
While not the end game for Peyton, Julian was atleast a decent boyfriend.

6.) Mia and Chase
7.) Brooke and Owen
8.) Brooke and Chase
9.) Brooke and Felix
10.) Peyton and Jake
11.) Keith and Karen
12.) Keith and Jules
13.) Dan and Rachel
Mouth and Millie
Skills and Lauren
Lucas and Lindsay
Quinn and Clay
Clay and Sarah
Deb and Skills
Sam and Jack
Karen and Andy
Skills and Bevin
Chase and Alex
Peyton and Anna
Whitey and Camilla
Lucas and Anna
Nathan and Peyton
Mouth and Rachel
Dan and Deb
Mouth and Shelly
Mouth and Erica Marsh
Mouth and Gigi
Jamie and Madison
Karen and Larry
Grubbs and Miranda
Quinn and David
Julian and Alex
Haley and Chris Keller

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