Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to create an awesome, professional email signature

So it's no secret that I've been jumping around from job to job lately. My last 2 positions just weren't really the fit I needed and I'm currently seeking gainful employment while "technically" still employed by my last employer. Long story, don't ask. Anyways, I learned a while back that an impressive email signature can make a big impression on a possible employer, and I had to check a couple different sources to get all the details I needed to make mine picture perfect. So here's my how to.

Step 1

Decide what you want to say. This has a couple of variables. Do you want to highlight your current employment, personal life, skills, etc. For me I chose to use my name, position, company, social media links, and a quote that I really liked. It may be different for you, and you may have to fool around with a couple ideas before you come up with something you think encapsulates the real "you".

Step 2

Get there in your settings. Instructions for: gmail, outlook, yahoo and aol. If you have another email provider I am sure that youtube has the instructions.

Step 3

I chose to highlight my professional life in this format:

Contact Number

Step 4

Now with gmail I have the option to turn pictures or words into links by highlighting them and clicking the link option. So I chose to link 4 of my social media outlets to my signature with the matching logo. I used iconfinder to find the icons I wanted in the right size for me. I used 16X16.

Step 5

I found an awesome quote that works for just about anything I could be applying for and added it to the bottom of my signature. 

The end result:

May your fingers rest from their weary googling.

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