Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why are we still voting bipartisan?

Ok, so, seriously? What is going ON here? Am I the only one who hasn't drank the kool-aid or are there others of you out there? Based on the most recent elections I'm starting to think I'm alone here. Did I miss the mixer where we all agreed that the only 2 parties worth considering were Democrats and Republicans? Personally, I voted libertarian almost the entire ballot. My Mom, who is my hero btw, voted Rainbow, Green and Independent. Where were the rest of you? Is everyone who disagrees with the way this country is being run just staying home on election day? 

I'm the last person to try to push my political opinions on anyone. I really couldn't care less what you believe or how you choose to express it, unless you AREN'T expressing it. Simply put the Millenials just aren't voting. Now I understand that we'd be hard pressed to outvote the baby boomer generation because well, there are a kajillion of them. However are we really just going to let our parents and grandparents decide on laws that will be effecting us long after they're gone? 

How did question 2 not get passed in Florida you ask? BECAUSE YOUNG PEOPLE AREN'T REGISTERED TO VOTE. 58%. That's 2% sly of people in chronic pain having relief? 2% away from people getting chemo being able to keep down their dinner? 2% away from a lifestyle that doesn't involve hiding to get the treatment they need. Click here for more info on medicinal marijuana. 

How do we keep re-electing the same officials that have screwed us over time and time again, who's records indicate that they have no moral guidelines beyond their own bottom dollar? I'll tell you how. We are sticking to an outdated bipartisan system. A system that has broken itself down, and apart so many times that it no longer even resembles what this country originally stood for. Democrat Vs Republican. When they used to be one party. Yes ladies and gentleman that is how similar they are. Democratic-Republican VS Whig VS Federalist VS Anti-Masonic etc etc etc. That's how things are supposed to be done. The election should not be between 2 candidates with the deepest pockets but a range of candidates from different backgrounds who run on their political ideals, not their bank accounts.

So, register to vote in Florida, in Massachusetts, in Georgia, or wherever you may be.
Then, get informed. Check out the Libertarians, the Green-Rainbow Party, the Green Party and the Constitution Party, If none of those seem quite right for you check out this extended list of political parties. But whatever you do, even if it is vote for a democrat or a republican, get out there and make your voice be heard. If you want to take a bigger part check out campaigning.

Read about Ranked choice voting and breaking the hold of the two party system here.

Stay tuned for future political rants, reviews, parenting advice, and adventures.

See ya next time.

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