Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Taxes Enrage Me

Lemme just break this down for myself because I'm about having a heart attack. Out of my $2800 commission check the government took $1118, but we'll call it $1000 for easy math's sake.

That means I paid:

  • $270 to the military (I wish it was actually going into the pockets of the military families I know and love but no it's going to fund a bunch of wars that I don't agree with. Awesome.
  • $265 to medicare.  
  • $153 in interest to the Federal debt.
  • $84 in social security and unemployment. Too bad it won't be there when I need                          it.
  • $58 in Veterans benefits
  • $50 in agricultural benefits
  •  $34 to government
  •  $25 to education. How in the FUCK is this possible. You took almost half my hard earned money and you only want to put 25 goddamn dollars back into our schools where it is DESPERATELY needed. So that my kids can grow up to understand and be angry about their taxes. But that wouldn't be good for the government now would it. So let's just raise a whole generation of idiot sheep instead. (/endrant)
  •  $19 to transportation.
  • $16 to alternative energy and environmental. Really? REALLY? We can spend BILLIONS of dollars on war every year but this is what we put into THE PLANET WE HAPPEN TO LIVE ON. Great. You guys are geniuses. Really
  • $15 on foreign affairs. Fuck it. Why bother talking to other countries when we                            can just bomb them right?
  •  $11 on Science. Forget NASA, we already went to the moon. Don't bother curing diseases. Big Pharma pays us way more to keep everybody sick. 
  • A DOLLAR on housing & community. One. Single. Dollar.

The above comes from www.nationalpriorities.org. I couldn't really find any other comprehensive reports as to where the tax money is going. Shocker.

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