Friday, December 25, 2015

For my husband, on Christmas

While I will claim all day, that I hate surprises, and that receiving gifts during the holiday season makes me uncomfortable this year you have truly outdone yourself. You have proven that the power of a gift is not in how much money you spend, but in the time, and thought, put into it. Beyond that you have once again illustrated the extent to which you truly "get" me. 

I'm not the type of woman to drop hints about what I want, because I usually don't want anything. Yet, you found a way to give me things that warm my heart and bring a tear to my eye, without spending the kind of money that makes me upset this time of year.

A necklace that says "together or not at all" (the last words Amy and Rory said to one another before jumping off a building to save the universe) in circular Gallifreyan (the language from the doctors home planet of Gallifrey). Words we wrote into our wedding vows, and a design I've been scribbling for months with the ultimate goal of having it tattooed on me eventually.

Found in a small box where you say "all the best gifts come from" inside my Christmas Eve box. I think because you knew opening something so precious to me would be embarrassing Christmas morning when so many eyes were watching. 

My very tricky "stocking" that was originally full of junk that I "love to haul around" that you used to "craft" a toolbox full of all the Fallout essentials. Mentats, buffout, cateye, fixer and then....

The Nuka Cola quantums you had led me to believe were unattainable, after many a visit to Target in search of the rare item. You went so far as to overcome your hatred of speaking to strangers to get someone to buy me a second one, when the manager refused to honor the advertisement. I can't imagine how much time you put into this gift that is absolutely perfect in every way.

Not to go unrecognized or unappreciated scoring me a precious tradition of our family. A hand written ornament symbolizing the last years journey. Our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.

I cannot wait to spend a lifetime of holidays with you. May every one be as full of joy and love as this one has been. I love you forever, together or not at all.

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