Friday, December 16, 2016

Another Post About Charitable Giving

Disclaimer: I'm not a Christian, and I don't really celebrate Christmas. Many of my family members do. I celebrate in a more classic "Yule" way. However, if this is the season of "giving" then why are the only people profiting mega-corporations. Before you go spend your entire paycheck at a department store on gifts that inevitably will end up in a closet or broken, consider charitable giving.

This year I'm using 3 charities for all of my gift giving. I used WWF to "adopt" my friends and family their favorite animals, with the exception of my mother, who's adoption of "Fife" I renewed through World Wildlife federation has a 3/4 star rating on Charity Navigator. I also buy loved ones gifts by donations to the Heifer Project.

There are 100s of other charities that will send your loved one a symbol of your donation in their name. If you have questions about which one might match your passions or someone else's please don't hesitate to reach out.