Monday, October 28, 2019


What’s it gonna take for you to feel real?
Cuz we are all star stuff,
Floating together and falling apart.
The only thing special is that we’ve got heart.
If you’re unhappy you’re doing it wrong.
Just a minuscule spot in the map of our stars.
Hold it together we don’t have that long.
Just a blip in time before it’s all gone.
But your love leaves an echo across it all.

Summer Disintegrating

The fading of summer into fall,
Is accompanied by a drab color change,
Colder weather, as water films itself in
Paper thin ice, that freezes and melts
Cyclically, leaving behind barely visible
Tell tale scars of their instability.
Falling through such a crust of ice,
Can be fatal, as your body freezes
And you become incapable of motion.
There is a slowing, a grinding halt to
Summer activity, as schedules alter pace.
Squirrels gather nuts, twittering along
Steadily thinning branches, as they prepare
For the bitter chills of Winter

A Body At War

A cluster of words,
Fragments, letters,
Disintegrating quietly,
Fading into the dark night,
Like a whisper into the crowd.
Eyes widen, with a deafening
Sigh, as my fingers quake
With longing for your
Satin skin.
Parting lips struggle for the
Vocabulary to confess
An aching heart.
A stubborn intellect
Flares up, dark red,
Rioting against any
Sounds plotting escape.
This is a mind in constant contrast,
A body at war within itself.

Frenzied Faith

They stumble around with their
living, breathing contradictions,
walking, talking benedictions.
They call upon ancient “words of wisdom”,
Without a thought to call their own,
Acting as a bovine entourage of drones.
They spout that tired rhetoric, “All sinners go to hell.”
And I think if they won’t be there,
That’s where I’d prefer to dwell.
They sermonize repentance,
While condemning all their peers,
I can’t help but laugh at their moronic fears.
Zealous peons to their master,
Blundering ‘round as they proclaim,
That we should all succumb and live our lives the same.

Heretic Disobedience

Disheveled rebellion
Lies in a ghastly heap
On your unsightly floor,
The consequence for
Dissent from convention
And edicts of yore.
You’ve discounted their
Creed, and counseled
Their chaotic cognizance.
Your accolade: abasement,
And aeonian assailments,
As you became entranced.
Now abandoned you abhor
Them, for silencing the
portent of progression.
Rejoice now, my darling,
You are liberated, no longer
Subject to their oppression.

The Bastardization of Purity

Your words come down like rain,
A grammatic hurricane,
Caustic vocabulary,
Instigating rapturous paroxysms,
A cadence of undulation and oscillation,
In my once sepulchral Heart.

Enlighten me my darling, please,
What transpires next?
What vigor will remain?
What zest?
Will love dissipate with morning radiance,
And amplify the void in my Chest?

Maturity materializes meticulously,
Sultry touches mold my chaste Anatomy,
Like milkweed morphs the monarch.
Evolution consummated, blushing Beauty
Emerges, debauched by Lover’s lips,
And inveigled by Paramour.

Desire succumbs to desolation
As you desert my bed.
There’s no amount of restoration
To compensate the capacious malaise
Of your charmed masquerade
Which your inadvertence now betrays.

Strength of Conviction

Your words are indisputable,
Verging on constitutional.
Boisterous and immutable,
Quoting the base institutional.

You’ve got them falling, and flailing,
From words that you’re saying,
While you’re on your knees praying,
The congregation croons, swaying.

A hymn vocalizes.
As the throng lifts their voice
The din faithfully rises,
For they’ve made their choice.

Steadfast in commitment,
The devoted won’t stagger.
The most formidable predicament
Could not make them scatter.

You’re a breathtaking success.
Your sermonizing: inspired,
And performed with finesse,
Never supine nor tired.

(I’m proud of you Mom,
For what you’ve become.
You’re superior, solidly strong,
I should have told you all along.)