Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Joss Whedon Quotes to Inspire You

There are so many reasons this man is my spirit animal.

5. "I'm a very hard-line, angry atheist. Yet I am fascinated by the concept of devotion."

Joss, were we separated at birth? I think we may have been.

4. "The way a musical can make us feel is unlike anything else, in song and particularly in dance. I think people fly through plate-glass windows when they get shot because movies don't have dance scenes anymore. This is what we do instead."

More movies should have dance scenes, like in Doctor Horrible. Write more musicals Joss.

3. "Who is to say who is the villain and who is the hero? Probably the dictionary."

The dictionary says a lot of things.

2. "Always be yourself, unless you suck."

Good advice for everyone. Take it to heart

1. You can just go ahead and watch the clip on this one:

Bonus: If somebody is in a story, they need to be there for a reason, and not just to set up somebody else's story.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Most Inspirational One Tree Hill Quotes

Coach Whitey Durham:
The wisest Football Coach anyone has ever heard of.

"When someone says you can't do something, you fight back and prove them wrong"

Keith Scott:
Seriously, there's never been a better Uncle.

"Most people are stronger than they know. They just forget to believe in it sometimes."

Peyton Sawyer:
Whether Peyton was wise, or just listening to too much Brighteyes we'll never really know.

"Life's too short, to fight, to be miserable, to let the bitter ones change how awesome you are."

Haley James Scott:
Between Haley and Lorelai Gilmore I had every role model for "motherhood" I could ever need coming at me from the WB. 

"We spend so much time wanting, pursuing, wishing, but ambition is good. Chasing things with integrity is good, dreaming."

Jamie Scott:
Little boys aren't this smart in real life. Just FYI. Well, maybe if they're raised by Haley. 

"Sometimes people have to cry out all their tears to make room for a heart full of smiles."

Lucas Scott:
Clearly this boy was raised by Keith Scott

"You can find the good in everybody, if you just give them a chance."

Brooke Davis:
This girl had by far the most powerful transformation on the show. For someone who claimed people never change, she sure did come a long way. 

"Aren't you tired of measuring yourself by what guys think?"

Julian Baker:
Better known as Mr Brooke Davis, had a few shining moments of his own.

"Well, we're always thinking that someday we'll be happy. You know, we'll get that car or that job or that person in our lives that'll fix everything. But happiness is a mood, and it's a condition, not a destination. It's like being tired or hungry. It's not permanent. It comes and goes, and that's okay. And I feel like if people thought of it that way, they'd find happiness a lot more often"

Mouth McFadden:
Definitely this groups conscience. 

"What you do matters. How you do it matters."

Dan Scott:
If Tree Hill had a villain... it was Dan, and he was well aware. But that doesn't mean he was without his own lessons to impart.

"Nothing's worth having if it's based on a lie."

Quinn James:
Quinn was sort of a "meh" character that came to replace Peyton when she and Lucas left. She didn't contribute a ton to the story line, but once in a while she spit out a gem.

Skills Taylor:
Sometimes the heart just wants... an old lady.

Rachel Gatina:
Every Highschool needs a mean girl. Atleast Rachel wasn't a complete idiot. 

"Live life for the moment, because everything else is uncertain."

Clay Evans:
Oh, Clay, how's your son?

"We waste our words and we waste our moments, and we don't take the time to say the things that are in our hearts when we have the chance."

The REAL (Not Psycho) Derek: 
"Everyday people all over the world get beat down. They lose their families. They lose their friends, and everyday those people fight like hell to put their lives back together. They don't curl in a ball and give up."

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My kitchen scrap garden


Celery is one of the easiest foods to grow from leftover scraps. Just cut off the bottom or base of your celery and lay it in a bowl with just a bit of warm water in the bottom. Keep the bowl in direct sunlight as long as possible each day and after about a week, you will begin to see the leaves thickening and growing along the base. When this happens, you can transplant your celery in soil and wait for it to grow to full length.


Basil is relatively easy to regrow. You just have to have a stem about four inches high. Place this stem in a glass of water with the leaves well above the water line. Leave the glass sitting in a bright area but not in direct sunlight. Roots should begin to form in a few days and when those roots reach a couple of inches long, you can transplant them in soil.

Green pepper:

You can grow a number of hot peppers from the seeds that are leftover. Just collect the seeds from your habaneros, jalapenos or any other peppers that you have on hand. Plant them in potting soil and keep in direct sunlight unless it is warm outside and then you can just plant them in your garden area. Peppers grow relatively fast and don’t require a lot of care. Once you get a new crop, just save some of the seeds for replanting again.

Other Veggies you can grow from Scraps:


Lettuce, Bok Choy and cabbage are relatively easy to grow from scraps. Instead of throwing out those leftover leaves, simply place them in a bowl with just a bit of water in the bottom. Keep the bowl somewhere that gets good sunlight and mist the leaves with water a couple of times each week. After 3 or 4 days, you will notice roots beginning to appear along with new leaves. When this happens you can transplant your lettuce or cabbage in soil.


If you love using lemongrass but have a difficult time finding it, simply regrow your own. Lemongrass will grow just like regular grass. You just place the root that is leftover in a glass bowl or jar with enough water to cover it and leave it in the sunlight. After about a week, you will notice new growth and when this happens you can transplant your lemongrass in a pot or in your herb garden.

Bean Sprouts:

If you love cooking with bean sprouts you can grow them yourself as well. You just need to soak a tablespoon or so of the beans that you want to grow in a jar with shallow water. Leave this overnight and in the morning, drain the water off and put the beans back in the container. Cover the container with a towel overnight and rinse them the next morning. Keep doing this until you notice the sprouts begin to appear and then until they reach the size that you want. This works well with mung beans and wheat berries.


Avocado seeds can be used to grow a steady supply of this super food. You just have to wash the seed and use toothpicks to suspend it over water in a bowl or jar. The water should come up enough to cover the bottom inch of the seed. Keep the container in a warm place but not in direct sunlight and remember to check the water every day and add more as needed. It can take up to six weeks for the stem and roots to appear and once the stem reaches about 6 inches you will need to cut it down to 3 inches. When leaves begin appearing, you can plant the seed in soil, remembering to leave about half of it above ground.


Virtually everyone knows that potatoes can be grown from potato peelings. You need peelings that have eyes on them. Cut those peelings into two inch pieces, ensuring that there are at least two or three eyes on each piece. Allow them to dry out overnight and then simply plant them about four inches deep in your soil. Make sure that the eyes are facing up when planting. It will take a few weeks before you see the potato plant begin to grow.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes can be grown much like regular potatoes. You just have to cut the sweet potato in half and suspend it using toothpicks above a container of shallow water. Roots will begin to appear in just a few days and sprouts will be seen on top of the potato around that same time. Once those sprouts reach about four inches or so in length, just twist them off and place them in a container of water. When the roots from this container reach about an inch in length, you can plant them in soil.


Ginger root is very easy to grow and once you get started, you can keep your supply of ginger full. You just need to plant a spare piece of your ginger root in potting soil, making sure that the buds are facing up. You will notice new shoots and new roots in about a week or so and once this happens you can pull it up and use it again. Remember to save a piece of the rhizome so that you can replant it and grow more for the next time you need it.


Garlic is really easy to grow and can be done from just one clove. When you buy garlic, you get several cloves so just pull one off and plant it with the roots facing down in potting soil. Garlic likes plenty of direct sunlight so in warmer weather, keep it outdoors in the sun during the day. Once you notice that new shoots have established, cut the shoots back and your plant will produce a bulb. You can take part of this new bulb and plant again.


Onions are very easy to grow indoors or out. You just have to cut the root of the onion off and make sure that you leave about a half an inch of onion when you do. Cover lightly with potting soil and keep in a sunny area. For green onions, simply put the white base with the roots intact in a container of water and place in direct sunlight. Change the water out every few days and the green will continue to grow. Just snip what you need and allow it to grow as long as you like.


Cilantro can be grown from scraps as well. Just place the bottom of the stem in a glass of water and leave in a bright area, near a windowsill perhaps. When the roots grow a couple of inches long, you can transplant the cilantro into a pot and you will notice new sprigs in just a few weeks.


You can plant seeds from those delicious apples and grow your own apple trees. These are a little difficult but they will grow although you should note that you can plant several of the seeds from a single apple and end up with different types of apple trees. Just allow the seeds to dry out and then plant them. Note that you will need at least two apple trees in order for them to grow well so save more than one seed the next time you enjoy an apple.


Peaches, nectarines and plums can all be grown from their seeds. Note that it does take a couple of years before you will be able to get any fruit from trees that you grow from seed but it will definitely be worth it if you begin now. You just have to dry the seeds out very well to prepare them for planting and plant them in a nutrient rich soil and in an area that gets plenty of sunlight.


Lemon trees can be grown from seeds and if you live in an area that gets really cold winters, you can simply grow dwarf trees indoors. Meyer lemons tend to have smaller plants so choose these if you want an indoor lemon tree. You will begin to get lemons from your tree in just a couple of years so remember that you won’t actually get lemons the same year that you plant them. Just be sure to clean and dry your seeds before planting and choose a soil that is rich in nutrients for the best results.

Alright guys, what did I miss? Do you have a scrap garden at home? Leave me a comment!

Easy DIY No Sew Curtains

You will need:

  •  fabric
  •  one roll of Stitch Witchery (can be found at craft and fabric stores)
  •  iron
  •  ironing board
  •  small, thin, damp cotton cloth
  •  curtain rod
  •  drapery clip rings

1.) Measure your window. Curtains look best when they are hung high and wide. With that said, measure how high you want your curtains hung as well as the width of your window. Record your measurements and make sure you take them to the fabric store. If you're not sure what length will look best go with an extra 3 inches than you think you'll need and have someone else hold them up for you to decide what looks best.

2.) Head to the nearest fabric store and shop away! If you happen to live in the Greater Orlando area check out The Sewing Studio. They are so patient with me every time I go in. (I did have to get my drapery clip rings at WalMart though) Be sure to choose your fabric wisely. Curtains really make a statement, so make sure the color and design are exactly what you want. I like to pull each bolt off the shelf and compare my favorites side-by-side before I make my final selection.

3.) Purchase the correct amount of fabric (feel free to ask anyone who works at the store for help in terms of calculating yardage) and also one large roll of Stitch Witchery (this stuff is magical).

4.) Measure the window one last time and cut (yikes!) your fabric into two equal-sized panels. (Measure twice cut once) Remember you will be “hemming” both the top and the bottom part of the panel, so account for one inch on both ends.

5.) Fold over 1/2 inch of fabric and iron a small seam all the way around each side of the panel. A half inch will be roughly the size of your stitch witchery.

6.)  Insert the stitch witchery inside the seam and press down with the iron for 10-15 seconds in each spot. Slowly iron around the entire panel until the stitch witchery holds  all the seams together. I kept the fabric relatively damp during this process to be sure the fabric didn't burn

7.) Hang the panel on the curtain rod using drapery clip rings (space about 4 inches apart) and Hurray! You have just made a no-sew curtain panel.

These were my first ever curtains, and I was so glad not to have to get kitchen themed curtains for my bedroom. Next time I will buy more fabric so the curtains will be a little longer and bunch more. Overall I was satisfied with my results. I got the idea from

How do the major food delivery services rank?

So, in my area (Greater Orlando) there are 3 major restaurant delivery services GrubHub, Doorstep Delivery and OrderUp. If you're considering using any of these to order I figured I'd share my experiences with you.

Doorstep Delivery: These guys were the first company I used to order food delivery. I do like them, but their delivery prices are pretty expensive. Usually $3.99 & Up. The wait times are average for the industry, around an hour for each restaurant. The one thing I love about them is that, atleast for my area, they have a very large selection.

GrubHub: These guys have the lowest delivery fees typically. One company for example: Giovanni's is $1.50 to deliver thru GrubHub but $3.99 to deliver thru Doorstep. The selection, and times are comparable to Doorstep.

OrderUp: Right now, they're the least palatable option in Orlando. Their delivery fees are comparable with Doorstep, and delivery time is on par for industry average but for my workplace they only have 3 restaurants delivering. That's pretty limited compared to the pages of options I get with the other 2 delivery services. However, some areas in the Orlando area have GREAT options, so definitely check them out.

Overall: GrubHub is my personal favorite. I love ordering from Zona Fresca thru them, and have had great luck with their delivery drivers. Plus they allow me to tip using my card.

Happy Eats!