Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The best things about being in Massachusetts:
Being close to my mom. Her presence gives me endless comfort. Even though seeing her is a reminder of how sick she really is. The good days with her and the kids are so incredibly worth coming up here for the summer. Seeing her energized by them is amazing.
Seeing my other family is also great. My dad and aunt Tracy are familiar and soothing in their own inexplicable ways.
Being near to and running into my friends.
Having babysitters other than just the browns.
The worst things about Massachusetts:
It's cold and damp and my fingers hurt already.
The data speeds here are slow. Wtf is this 3g shit. How do you people live without constant 4g?
Things close ridiculously early.  Cape cod is a ghost town at 8/9 o'clock. Seriously. The grocery stores and pharmacys close.
People drive like super assholes. And if they aren't purposefully driving like a dick they are 80 years old going 5 miles an hr.
There are very few playgrounds and to my knowledge 0 indoor rec/playgrounds.
I don't think people here even know what a public pool is.
It's dark. There are like... 0 streetlights. I forgot how winding the roads are. 90° turns with no warning are cool.
Did I mention it's cold?
Also there are inch worms and pollen covering everything and I can't breathe.
Living with my in laws is not my idea of a good time.
I miss my apartment and weather that doesn't make my skin hurt.
This whine fest has been brought to you by my anxiety.