Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to make an AWESOME Fallout Gift yourself

Label, for a Nuka Cola Cherry wrapped around Jones Cherry Zilch

Cram Label wrapped around a can of spam

Radaway Label slapped on a bloodpack energy drink can also be used for blood pack. Alternatively this would also work.

Rad-X label around a Flintstones gummies bottle should do nicely

Here is a tutorial on how to make a Stimpak
Need: Locktight super glue
10mm syringe with plunger
A nail
Pressure Gauge
Strip of Brass 1/4 inch wide completely flat, 8.5 inches long
2 mm craft foam
Exacto knife
11/16 outer diameter washer
Kwik Seal

Secondary tutorial just in case. I'll probably end up making some combination therein.

Both Jet and Addictol are basically just inhalers, with red handles. Which means I will somehow have to find my inhaler(s)

Med-X is just a metal syringe with purple (or teal) liquid

Nuka-Cola Caps seem easy enough, because deviants before me are amazing. These New Vegas caps are extra awesome

Sugar bombs label goes around a cereal box. I'll have to print it before I decide which cereal box.

Fury/Psycho looks extremely complicated to make, but maybe I can figure it out.. or commission one.

Mentats label should be wrapped around some altoids resulting in something like this

I can't find any x-cell tutorials yet, but hopefully that will have changed by April

Looks easy enough to make an irradiated blood label if I bother buying a green blood pack. I could use that one for all of them, I suppose.

Now all I need is a purified water, deezer's lemonade, dirty water and bobrovs best moonshine label and I should be ready to roll. 

I think I'll pick up an ammo box to put it all in. This particular one would need some green and yellow paint.

Throw in some cases of ammo with labels probably wrapped around match boxes

And maybe some Grognak comics , a you're special book, Tesla Science (on a science journal?), guns and bullets (on a gun magazine?), and a massachusetts surgical journal or 2

Ah a tumblr dedicated just to fallout props *dies*

This girl did a particularly amazing job with hers.

< br /> If you don't want to do it yourself there's someone on etsy who sells them.

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