Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My wedding

So for those of you that follow me, which is approximately 5 I think, you may or may not know that I got married last month. Well a lot of my wedding photos are up now so I thought I'd share some of them with you. 

My dad actually walked me down the aisle, in a suit, if you happen to be someone I know looking at this you'll understand why this is a huge deal.

It was really, really cold, like the coldest day in June EVER. So we all made faces like this:

My now husband and I wrote an obviously beautiful ceremony that included making this during a sand ceremony with our children, symbolizing us all coming together as a family.

Overall it went pretty... well terrible but in the end we were married and made faces like THIS 

So for those of you who couldn't be there or who WERE there but couldn't hear anything, or understand what our really awful officiant was saying here's a copy of the ceremony my husband and I wrote together. Check out his vows. They're amazing and make me cry every time I read them.

The Processional

[The Bride’s attendants walk in to the tune of “Sea of Love.” By Cat Power]

The Maid of Honor- Rebecca Harrison

The Flower Girl- Peyton Roy

[The Bride enters to “Trumpet Voluntary”]

The Bride-Megan Jones, escorted by her father- Dean Atwood

Officiant: Truly fortunate is the couple who come to their wedding with the approval and support of their families and friends. Who has the honor of presenting this woman to be married this day?

Dean: I do

Officiant: John and Megan, please turn towards one another, join your hands and in so doing join your hearts.

Before we go any further into the service I would like to ask everyone to please silence their cell phones.

A reading of The Buddha’s Sermon at Rajagaha, Verses 19-22 by Judy Harrison

Do not deceive, do not despise each other anywhere. Do not be angry nor bear secret resentments; for as a mother will risk her life and watches over her child, so boundless be your love to all, so tender, kind and mild. Cherish good will right and left, early and late, and without hindrance, without stint, be free of hate and envy, while standing and walking and sitting down, what ever you have in mind, the rule of life that is always best is to be loving-kind.


The Officiant: Judy just read for us from a sermon the Buddha gave at the sacred city of Rajagaha, in the Indian state of Bihar, sometime late in the 6th century BC. Be honest, open, tender, kind and loving, he says -- wise counsel for a bride and groom. But Megan and John chose the reading also because they believe this is a good lesson for all of us: whether we’re standing, sitting, walking, whatever we have in mind, we should be “loving-kind.” And they hope we’ll all hold those words close to our hearts, not just today but always.

We are gathered here this day, not to witness a beginning of what shall be, but to celebrate and affirm what already is. John and Megan have invited you to share the public declaration of what has already been united in their hearts. Their wedding celebrates the joy and beauty of life and family. Marriage is a supreme sharing of experience and an adventure in the most intimate of human relationships. It is the joyous uniting of two people whose companionship and mutual understanding have blossomed into romance. Today, Megan and John proclaim their love to the world and we who are gathered here rejoice with them and for the new life they now undertake together. Thank you for sharing in the joy of this precious moment.

Honoring of Family Members

Before we move forward, Megan and John want to acknowledge their parents first and foremost, but also John’s Meme and Auntie J-9 for the unconditional gifts of love and support that you have unstintingly given them inspiring them to become who they are today. Mother, Father, Grandmother, and Aunt the Bride and Groom feel profound gratitude for all the love and care you showed in raising them and they thank you, from the bottom of their hearts, for guiding them to this celebration of love. Without you, this day would not be possible.

[The couple present their family with the gifts they have chosen.]

The Declaration of Intent

Officiant: Megan and John, someone once said that deciding to marry is like following a magnificent hunch. This person is someone you love, and after years together you know a lot about each other, but you’ll come to know more in the time ahead. The companionship you’ll share from this night on is the hallmark of marriage, its natural state, and its richest and most valuable gift. The contract of marriage that underpins that companionship is captured, in its essence, in the vows you’ll exchange in a moment. That contract is most solemn and must be entered into thoughtfully and seriously, with a deep awareness of its obligations and responsibilities. So, before you say your vows, I’ll ask you to declare your intent to be bound by them.

John, do you take Megan to be your wife, to live with her in marriage, to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live? 

John: I do. 

Officiant: Megan, do you take John to be your husband, to live with him in marriage, to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live? 

Megan: I do.



Over the past several years, I have become increasingly aware of the fragility of life and the impermanence of our existence. 

This realization has inspired a deep appreciation for every moment and a drive to find ways to make my own time on this planet just a little more enjoyable.

Before I met you I thought that I was doing the best that I could do, that I was who I was meant to be.

Then you came along filling each and every day with an increasing level of joy and peace. 

It is you who has inspired me to be the best version of myself that I could possibly be. 

You calmed the storm in me filling a gap I didn’t know was missing.

You made me a better mother, daughter, and friend. 

And for that I will always be grateful.


Three years ago, when I walked into RadioShack, I never would have guessed I would leave with a great deal on a Family. 

I never thought I would even want a family, but now I am backing one with a lifetime warrantee.

Before we met, I lived to make myself happy, always searching for something or someone else to raise the bar. 

However, with you, and these two boys, my life is full of love and happiness all on its own; So much that I wanted to share it with the world. 

My heart is like the Tardis. From the outside it is ordinary, but if I let you in, it’s bigger on the inside and it’s alive. 

Only you could open it. Only you could have unlocked the best in me. 


I choose to take this journey with you; wherever it leads.

Whether it be to the Capital Wasteland, or deep in a dungeon to pillage gold.

To travel with you through the adventures of life; to the next level or the ends of the earth.

In all that we will find, I pledge my friendship, my faith and my love.

I will respect you, listen to you, and cherish the things that make you special to me. 

I will heal you when your HP gets too low, and I will always share my loot with you.

No matter what lies in our path, it will be our path, together.


I need you to press start, because co-op in finally unlocked and we need to get moving.

We have our life ahead of us and life is short, even in real time.

I will go everywhere with you, even all the side missions. 

I will share everything with you, even the red starbursts. 

You are my best friend, my strongest support and the love of my life.

We are always on the same team.


I give to you my vow of sacred matrimony. 

I acknowledge our individuality and respect the natural space that will reside comfortably between us.

 I promise to bridge that space with open communication, silent understanding and heartfelt compassion. 

I promise to act loving so as to be loving. 

I promise to love passionately, argue fairly and support you unfailingly. 

I gladly accept the responsibilities that come with our relationship. 

I love you and I pledge my fidelity to you for all the days of our lives.


I swear to you my hand in Marriage.

I promise to love you and our children unconditionally

I promise to value our differences as I value our common ground.

I promise to be a good father, devoted lover and dedicated supporter. 

I promise to be one with you through open communication, respect and patience. 

I am privileged to move forward with you.

I Love you and I will be faithful to you forever and always.


“Together, or not at all.”

Sand Ceremony

Officiant: We have come together today not only to witness John and Megan becoming one, but an official unification of their entire family. 

Today, John is not only promising to love Megan for the rest of his life, but also to take her son Riley into his heart and his home, as his own.

[John, Megan, Riley and Hayden step up to the “altar”. They each grab their own bottle of sand, and begin pouring it together into a larger glass vase labeled “The Killion Family”]

Exchange of Rings

[Riley comes forward with the rings, he gives Megan’s to John]

John: In sickness and in health.

[Riley comes forward and gives John’s ring to Megan]

Megan: As long as we both shall live.

Officiant: You may kiss the bride.

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